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Closest Friend Swindles Lady Out Of $70K By Posing As Her Date

Companion Swindles Girl Off $70K By Posing As Her Sweetheart

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Woman’s Closest Friend Swindles The Woman Away From More Than $70,000 By Posing As The Woman Boyfriend

In yet another situation of “TRUST NO B*TCH,” a Chinese woman has-been swindled away from $70,000 after handing the bucks to men she believed was actually her on-line boyfriend but was actually in fact the woman female closest friend in disguise. Discover the way it all went down.

  1. The 32-year-meet rich old woman believed she was at love.

    The lady, also known as Yi Yi by authorities, thought she was at a relationship for a man known as A Feng she found on the web for eight decades. Despite the fact that they never found in-person or chatted throughout the phone due to the people’s supposedly stressful time-table, Yi Yi nonetheless paid her life cost savings, relating to

    The Weekly Mail


  2. A Feng offered her a pack of lays.

    Yi Yi thought that the reason that she and her sweetheart had never ever spoken regarding the phone had been that he wasn’t permitted to create telephone calls while focusing on his ship. The motorboat was actually presumably beyond Asia and through the years they “dated,” the guy never ever came back home actually as soon as. Furthermore, but A Feng told Yi Yi that he had esophageal disease and cardiovascular system diseases and required over 500,000 yuan to endure therapy.

  3. Yi Yi believed they were going to get hitched.

    She thought that A Feng would fundamentally end up being transferred back to China in addition they would get married, but instead, the guy required more money, declaring he was gravely sick. She didn’t have it, thus she went to the police for assistance. They then monitored on the proprietor from the banking account belonging to A Feng, who was simply indeed a sailor but stated the Yi Yi he met 8 years ago always declined him everytime the guy questioned the lady on for a romantic date.

  4. They found that they had a shared buddy in accordance.

    Law enforcement eventually found that Yi Yi and A Feng both understood someone named Xiao Lei, exactly who launched them years before but it don’t exercise plus they went their split steps… roughly they believed. Xiao Lei contacted both Yi Yi and A Feng acting to be each other to resume a relationship. She held both fake interactions opting for decades.

  5. Xiao Lei has become detained on uncertainty of fraud.

    Authorities found cellphones within her home which she accustomed maintain the ruse, and she ultimately confessed to everything. She claimed that she used Yi Yi’s money to pay for individual debts, but it is unlikely that money will ever end up being restored. Exactly what a terrible story!!

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