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This guy went on a road trip to bring their BFF a banana so we seriously wish to be section of their friendship – HelloGigglesHelloGiggles

a California college student’s act of kindness is certian viral after
he drove 50 kilometers to bring his pal a banana.

Martin Peredo of craigslist com ventura california
informed Buzzfeed
he had been in a Starbucks attempting to examine whenever their friend, 20-year-old Justin Mendoza, texted him to ask for meals. The only problem? Mendoza was in Northridge – over 50 miles from Peredo.

In a work of genuine friendship, Peredo got a banana, found myself in the auto, and drove it-all the best way to Northridge to hand-deliver it to his friend.

Peredo reported your way
with a tweet which includes today already been re-tweeted almost 18,000 occasions.

After discussing the banana, both friends arranged these people were nonetheless eager. Peredo
uploaded an update to his original tweet
, informing the entire world which they splurged and had gotten Wingstop. We approve: It’s meals more worthy of their particular next-level friendship.

Peredo and Mendoza are friends for more than 13 years, Peredo informed Buzzfeed. We are positively feeling the love.